From the moment she released her first single, Cassidy King had the whole world under her spell…and I was no exception.

Though I desperately wanted to meet Cassidy, I was resigned to admiring the blonde-haired, blue-eyed pop star from afar. It wasn’t often that the worlds of pro football and music intersected, and using my fame to gain an introduction had never been my style.

So I was blown away when she mentioned in an interview that she’d been following my football career since college and she wanted to meet me.

After going for a Hail Mary and slipping her my number before a concert, I found myself falling hard and fast for the beautiful, fragile soul behind the public persona. And the more I learned about her tragic upbringing, the more I wanted to be the one to give her a fairy tale ending.

Would Cassidy’s insecurities end us before we could even begin, or would she trust me with her heart and let me love her the way she deserved?

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