Cinnamon Roll Hero (sin-a-mon roll he-ro): (n) a hero who is too sweet for this world…but will fight to the death for the people they care about.

Join nineteen of your favorite romance authors on our journey to prove that cinnamon rolls can still be steaming hot! These sweet, sexy heroes (and heroines!) are here to save the day, whether it’s rescuing their partner from the ghosts of their past or just showing them that they deserve to be loved, cherished, respected…and, of course, pleasured.
Cinnamon Roll Saviors is a collaboration that I decided to organize based on a specific type of hero that I don't think gets enough representation in the romance genre: the cinnamon roll hero. I had so much fun putting this series together and got to make some amazing friends at the same time! Click on the covers below to check out the books!

Taking Her by Stormi Wilde

Burning Love by Ember Davis

Indebted Angel by Clarissa Dusk

Have a Little Faith by Stephanie Renee

Safety by JS Mercier

Second Time Lucky by Mia Coco Lanner

Sidelined by Sarah Everly

Keeping Her Safe by Lyric Nicole

Only to Save You by Shannon O'Connor

Power Play by Merissa Bartlett

Inked Temptations by Storie Devereux

Matched With the Billionaire by Sara Hurst

Running After You by Cristina Lollabrigida

It Had to Be You by Danielle Jacks

Guarding Her Heart by Tamrin Banks

One Night With a Rock Star by Eve London

Protecting What's His by Aletta Faye

Falling for My Sweet Saviour by Clarice Jayne

Patient 247 by Carmen Richter

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