I design all of my own covers, so if you'd like to see some examples of my custom work, go take a look at my books. 
Here are the prices for custom covers. Custom covers come with up to 7 alterations once we discuss a concept and I send back the initial design. Each additional alteration is $10. A covered ebook cover with a paper tear is included with ALL covers at no additional cost.

You Provide Photos
Ebook: $60
Ebook + Paperback: $85
Ebook + Paperback + Title Vector: $100

I Provide Stock Photos (Up to 3)
Ebook: $65
Ebook + Paperback: $90
Ebook + Paperback + Title Vector: $105
Each Additional Stock Photo Credit: $5

Note: I am NOT able to change hair color on photos at the present time. I'm still working on learning that, and until I'm completely confident with it, I don't want to mess your cover up by doing it wrong, so I just won't do it. Invoice will be sent via PayPal, and I will start on your cover on the booked date. All custom cover designs will only be made and sold ONCE.

On a budget and looking for a slightly cheaper option for a cover? I do have several pre-made covers available for sale as well, and they're priced a little lower. Pre-made covers come with up to 5 alterations, not including title change and addition of blurb and tagline. Each additional alteration will be $10. All pre-made covers are made with stock photos, but each design will only be sold ONCE. Here are the prices for pre-made cover packages.

Ebook: $50
Ebook + Paperback: $75
Ebook + Paperback + Title Vector: $90

Formatting may be added to any cover for a reduced cost. See formatting section for details.

Add a release teaser package to any cover for just $20 for tier 1 or $40 for tier 2. Here's what you'll get with each tier.

-3 Countdown Teasers
-Release/Now Live Teaser
-Release Facebook Page OR Group Banner

-7 Countdown Teasers
-3 Release/Now Live Teasers
-1 Facebook Page Banner
-1 Facebook Group Banner
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