I provide two types of interior formatting for books. Ebook formatting includes ePub, mobi, PDF, and Word files, and paperback includes PDF and Word files. Bonus epilogue formatting includes having a "Bonus Epilogue" banner added to your book cover to differentiate them. Please allow up to three days from booked date for formatting. 
All ebook formatting and simple paperback formatting is done in Vellum. Please note that doing custom formatting with graphics on ebooks in Vellum does make the file quite large and it will drive up your delivery cost on Amazon.
Custom paperback work is done in Microsoft Word, which allows for much more flexibility with the formatting.


Simple Formatting (no graphics of any kind):
Ebook Only: $30
Paperback Only: $30
Ebook + Paperback: $40
Ebook + Paperback + Bonus Matter: $45
Separate Digital ARC File With ARC Scripting (Must Purchase Formatting Also): $10
With Other Service: $30 all-inclusive or $35 with digital ARC

Custom Formatting (includes custom chapter headers and scene break graphics):
Ebook Only: $60
Paperback Only: $60
Ebook + Paperback: $75
Ebook + Paperback + Bonus Matter: $80
Separate Digital ARC File With ARC Scripting (Must Purchase Formatting Also): $10
With Other Service: $60 all-inclusive, including digital ARC

Note: If you want simple formatting for your ebook and custom formatting for your paperback, you will be charged the custom rate due to the time required to make the graphics for your paperback. Custom formatting will include a title vector if you don't already have one. If you do have one, please provide it to me on your booking start date. Also, please provide me with the names of the fonts that were used on your cover so I can match the interior formatting as closely as possible.
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