I provide ebook, paperback, and hardcover formatting for books. Ebook formatting includes ePub files (PDF upon request for no extra charge), and paperback/hardcover includes PDF files. Bonus matter and ARC formatting includes having banners to signify bonus epilogue/sample/ARC added to your book cover. Please allow up to three days from booked date for simple formatting and up to a week for custom formatting. Most of the time, it will be done much quicker than that, but I like to give myself a little wiggle room just in case something unexpected happens.

All ebook formatting and simple paperback formatting is done in Vellum. Please note that doing custom formatting with graphics on ebooks in Vellum does make the file quite large and it will drive up your delivery cost on Amazon. My personal recommendation is to keep the ebooks simple and just have the fancy stuff in your print copies, but it's up to you!

Custom print file graphics are made in Adobe Photoshop, and the formatting work is done by hand in Adobe InDesign, which allows for much more flexibility with the formatting, but does take longer, hence the higher prices. See below for examples of each type of formatting.

(Please note that the bundles that include separate paperback AND hardcover files are only necessary if your paperback is a different trim size than the hardcover. If your paperback and hardcover trims are the same size, the same PDF file may be used for both...which means you save money!)

Simple Vellum Formatting (no graphics of any kind):

Ebook OR Paperback OR Hardcover Only: $30
Ebook + Paperback: $40
Paperback + Hardcover: $40
Ebook + Paperback + Bonus Matter (i.e. bonus epilogue, sample/reader magnet, etc.): $45
Ebook + Paperback + Hardcover: $50
Ebook + Paperback + Hardcover + Bonus Matter: $55
Separate Digital ARC File With ARC Scripting (Must Purchase Formatting Also): $10
With Editing or Design Service: $30 all-inclusive or $35 with digital ARC

Custom Formatting Tier 1 (includes custom chapter headers and scene break graphics):

Ebook OR Paperback OR Hardcover Only: $60
Ebook + Paperback OR Hardcover: $75
Paperback + Hardcover: $90
Ebook + Paperback + Bonus Matter (bonus matter can be included in print version at no additional cost): $80
Ebook + Paperback + Hardcover: $100
Ebook + Paperback + Hardcover + Bonus Matter: $105
Separate Digital ARC File With ARC Scripting (Must Purchase Formatting Also): $10
With Editing or Design Service: $60 all-inclusive for one print file size or $80 for 2 sizes, including digital ARC

Custom Formatting Tier 2 (includes full-page formatting and scene break graphics):

Paperback OR Hardcover Only (I do not do full-page ebook formatting): $70
Ebook + Paperback OR Hardcover (ebook can be done with custom headers, but not full-page formatting): $90
Paperback + Hardcover: $100
Ebook + Paperback + Bonus Matter: $100
Ebook + Paperback + Hardcover: $125
Ebook + Paperback + Hardcover + Bonus Matter: $135
Separate Digital ARC File With ARC Scripting (Must Purchase Formatting Also): $10
With Editing or Design Service: $70 all-inclusive for one print file size or $90 for 2 sizes, including digital ARC

Please note that all print files will be formatted to Amazon and IngramSpark specifications. If you require an additional file with different specs (including margins, page size to account for bleed, etc.) for another printing company, an additional rate per file will apply. See below for information on mixing simple and custom formatting, title vectors, fonts for custom formatting, rush jobs, additional file rates, modifications to custom formatting, and back matter updates.

Also, please note that the prices listed above are for a single novel. If you need formatting for a novella (less than 40k words) OR for an omnibus (several books combined into one long book), please contact me for a quote. Also, please contact me for a quote if you want to format several books at one time or if you want to book with me for the formatting of an entire series, as I do offer discounts for formatting multiple books.
Mixing Simple and Custom Formatting: If you want simple formatting for your ebook and custom formatting for your paperback and hardcover, you will be charged the custom rate due to the time required to make the graphics and do the formatting for your print copies. If you would like simple formatting for the ebook AND paperback and custom formatting for the hardcover, please contact me for a custom quote.

Title Vectors: Custom formatting will include a title vector if you don't already have one. If you do have one, please provide it to me before your booking start date. If you would like me to make you a custom title vector for a simple formatting job, it will be an additional $15. 

Fonts: For custom formatting, if possible, please provide me with the names of the fonts that were used on your cover so I can match the interior formatting to your cover fonts. Your cover designer should be able to give you this information. If I don't already own your fonts and am required to purchase them (meaning they are not public domain fonts or are not available with one of my subscription services), I will add the cost of the font(s) to your invoice and will require the payment for that portion of the invoice up front so I can purchase the files for your project (the remaining balance will be due within ten days). If you cannot get the font information or you don't want to pay for the purchase of the font, I will do my best to find a font that looks similar, but it will probably not be exact.

Rush Jobs: Jobs for custom formatting that are booked with less than a week's notice will be charged a rush fee of an additional $25, and they will be assessed on a case-by-case basis depending on my current workload. Because I book up fast, I cannot guarantee that I'll be able to take your rush job, so if at all possible, please schedule an appointment with me ahead of time. (Note that because it doesn't take me nearly as long for simple formatting jobs, I do not book appointments for those, so there is no additional fee charged for booking on short notice.)

Additional Files: I format custom manuscripts to Amazon and IngramSpark specifications, meaning that I make the pages slightly bigger than the actual page size to account for bleed when the images go to the edge of the page, and I also set the margins to the specifications for those companies. If you are using another print on demand company in addition to those, such as a local print on demand company, and they have different specifications for their files, it will be an additional $40 for Tier 1 or $50 for Tier 2 PER FILE (meaning if you have different size paperbacks and hardcovers, it will be $80/100 for both), as I will need to make completely separate files, which requires formatting all over again from scratch. If you need additional files, please inform me of your print on demand company's exact specifications so I can make the files the appropriate size with the appropriate margins. (Note that simple manuscripts formatted in Vellum should meet the specs for any POD company, as there is no bleed to account for.)

Single Full-Page Image: If you only need up to three full-page images (such as a map for a fantasy novel), but would like the rest of the manuscript to just have custom headers rather than full-page graphics, I will still give you the Tier 1 rate. If you need more than three full-page images, it will become a Tier 2 job.

Custom Formatting Modifications: Before beginning formatting on your book, I will send you mockups of chapter headers/page illustrations and scene break icons for your approval. Please review these mockups and make sure everything is 100% to your liking before approving them. I will make as many modifications as you like before I start the job to make sure you're completely happy with what we've come up with. If, after approving the mockups and receiving the final file, you request alterations to the headers/page illustrations, scene break graphics, or font size/placement, you will be charged the additional file rate listed above and you will need to wait for the next available formatting appointment. InDesign is an extremely sensitive and precise program, and even the smallest alteration will shift the text and ruin the page and scene breaks I've set up, so I'm required to reformat the entire book from scratch. Note that this is PER FILE, so if you have different size paperbacks and hardcovers, it will be a $80/$100 charge to modify both files. Minor changes to the front and back matter will NOT incur an extra charge. This is ONLY for changes to the main manuscript. Also note that if something is MY ERROR rather than your personal preference, I will NOT charge for the reformat, and it may take a few days for me to redo the book, but I will make time immediately rather than making you wait for the next available appointment.

Back Matter Updates: I do NOT charge for back matter updates to your ebooks or simple paperbacks. I keep Vellum files indefinitely and it takes me two minutes to add your new titles and links to the "also by" section, so it feels wrong to charge for that. I also keep InDesign files indefinitely. If you would like to update the back matter in your custom print books, it will be $10 PER FILE and will require making an appointment (so I'd recommend doing this in batches, such as when you complete a series).
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