Game of Love is a series of angsty, steamy new adult sports romances. It started with a book I wrote in 2019 called What Doesn't Kill You. That book was supposed to be a standalone, but when people kept asking me for more stories for the characters in that book...well, who was I to say no? So, after a lot of planning and deliberation, it's finally happening!

What Doesn't Kill You has been pulled from publication, and it's been reworked with new content edits and retitled to Breaking My Silence. The story is somewhat the same, but there are some notable differences from the original book, and I'll be honest, it feels like a completely new story now. And the second book, Under My Skin, comes out in October and is going to be a complete departure from everything I usually write. In fact, it contains a few of my LEAST favorite tropes! But I am SO excited for the challenge, and I'm stoked for this series and can't wait to see where these characters take me!

Click on the covers to learn more about the books in this series!

Kyler and Ian's Story
High School Football Hurt/Comfort Romantic Suspense

Daniela and Braden's Story
Professional Football Secret Baby (with a twist!) Fake Relationship Romance

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