These are all of my books that have LGBTQIA+ representation with the main characters. A couple of them are F/F (so far - I'm planning more F/F books and some M/M books in the future), but there are some M/F books in this section as well because people who are in straight-passing relationships and identify as something other than heterosexual are still valid members of the community. Check out the captions to find the type of representation in the books - as well as a few tropes - and click on the covers to learn more!

Also note that I have added My Voice Is Sealed to this section because I deliberately wrote Sadie as demisexual, but the representation is not stated outright on the page because she insisted it wasn't important to her overall story.

Maddie: Pansexual
Autumn: Lesbian
Hurt/Comfort Romance
Found Family

Sadie: Written as Demisexual
Stepsibling Romance
Abuse Rescue
Found Family

Daniela: Demisexual
Pro Football Player
Fake Relationship
Secret Baby...With a Twist!

Daphne: Bisexual
Rock Star/Bodyguard
Single Dad
Romantic Suspense

Bailey: Demisexual
Rock Star
Online Romance...Across an Ocean!

Love: Lesbian
Willow: Queer/No Labels
Rock Star/Manager
Found Family

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