Trigger Warning

This book deals with the following subjects:

• Physical and psychological manipulation and abuse
• Suicidal ideation
• Forcible separation of a service dog from its handler (there is no physical harm to the dog)
• Epilepsy, including vivid descriptions of tonic-clonic (a.k.a. grand mal) seizures
• Mild instances of discrimination against a disabled person and ableism
Harry Potter references
• Sexually explicit content
• Profanity

Please also note that this is a love story between stepsiblings who are NOT blood-related in any way.

If you feel that these would be difficult subjects for you to read about, please tread with caution and stop if it gets too painful for you. I would hate to hurt anyone with my stories.

If you or someone you know struggle with any of these issues, there is help available to you. Here are just some of the many resources available to you.

Crisis Text Line (For All Issues)
Text HOME to 741741
Learn more about the text line or apply to volunteer at

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255

National Domestic Abuse Hotline
(800) 799-7233

National Epilepsy Foundation
(800) 332-1000
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