The Sealed With a Kiss series was my first venture into the world of writing. Well, my first venture after leaving fan fiction behind to try my hand at my own stories. This series started as a duet, which then turned into a trilogy, and now has a total of TWENTY books planned. Yeah, there are that many characters who begged me for stories. I'm shocked too.
The first three books in the series, the original trilogy, follow Zoe's journey with the love of her life, Elijah. The first book, My Lips Are Sealed, is a student/teacher romance that tells the story of how they met and fell in love. The second and third books, My Heart Is Sealed and My Future Is Sealed, are a combination of second chance romance and romantic suspense. Their story picks back up five years later and we see them finding each other again, getting engaged and married, preparing to start a family, and trying to find a stalker who seems to be hell-bent on destroying their life together. Secrets are revealed and the couple's new life gets turned upside-down on the path to happily ever after.
The fourth, sixth, and seventh books (My Fate Is Sealed, My Soul Is Sealed, and My Dreams Are Sealed) are Elijah's version of his story with Zoe. However, it's not just the same story in different words. Elijah has his own tale to tell about what they went through, and it's darker, grittier, and a whole lot steamier.
The fifth book, My Bonds Are Sealed, and all books after the seventh book are standalone books about Zoe and Elijah's friends and family. Each book falls into a separate sub-genre and may be read as a standalone, although some events will make a lot more sense within the context of the rest of the series. Here is a list of all books in the Sealed With a Kiss series, along with the couples they're about.
Book number zero in the series, My Vows Are Sealed, is a standalone prequel novel about the parents of one of the characters.

0. My Vows Are Sealed (Darla and Brendan)
1. My Lips Are Sealed (Zoe Book 1)
2. My Heart Is Sealed (Zoe Book 2)
3. My Future Is Sealed (Zoe Book 3)
4. My Fate Is Sealed (Elijah Book 1)
5. My Bonds Are Sealed (River and Mason)
6. My Soul Is Sealed (Elijah Book 2)
7. My Dreams Are Sealed (Elijah Book 3)
8. My Pride Is Sealed (Maddie and Autumn)
9. My Voice Is Sealed (Sadie and Keith--Coming 11/15/2021)

1. Sealed With a Kiss: Zoe's Trilogy
2. Sealed With a Kiss: Elijah's Trilogy
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