I have big plans for the rest of 2022! I'm so excited for all of it, and I can't wait to share all the stories I have planned with you! Here are all the books with set pre-orders. Click on the covers below to reserve your copies of these books!

*Please note that all novellas will go up to $2.99 upon release, and all full-length novels will go up to $5.99, with the exception of collaborations, which have the prices set by the organizers.

Book 2 in the Game of Love Series
Daniela and Braden's Story
Fake Relationship Secret Baby
(with a twist!) Romance Novel
Coming 11
Pre-Order for Special Price of $2.99

Book 4 in the DeVille Records Series
Holly and Shephard's Story

Single Mom Christmas Romance Novella
Coming 12
Pre-Order for Special Price of $0.99

Book 5 in the DeVille Records Series
Arielle and Frankie's Story
Age Gap Bodyguard Romance Novella
Coming 12/09/22
Pre-Order for Special Price of $0.99

Book 6 (final) in the DeVille Records Series
Cassidy and Axel's Story
Age Gap Musician/Tour Manager Romance Novella
Coming 12/16/22
Pre-Order for Special Price of $0.99

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