My projected release schedule for 2023 is a little ambitious, and I'm not entirely sure how much I'll actually get done. I don't have any pre-orders up yet, but I promise to update this page as soon as I do.

So, what are you getting from me this year? So much stuff!  Hopefully.

First of all, book two in the Game of Love series, Under My Skin, is finally happening! I'm already working hard on Braden and Daniela's story, and...y'all are NOT ready for this book. It's so different from what I usually write, and I'm loving every second of it!

Next, Falling Angel is going to become the first book in a bodyguard romance series called Eagle Security, and you'll get book 2 in that series, Falling to Pieces, this year. 
('s book two for now. This book is going to be Arielle and Frankie's story, and it jumps about ten years in the future from the bonus epilogue of Falling Angel. I have a couple of other vague story ideas for other characters from this world too, and if those come to fruition, I'll re-order the series in chronological order. But if those story ideas don't pan out, I think it makes sense as a duet: parents and daughter!)

Next, I've got a top secret project that I'm working on...and it is KILLING me keeping it to myself! It's so much more than just the story that has me chomping at the bit to spill the beans, but I have to keep my mouth shut for now. I will tease you with this much, though: although this project is going to have brand new characters and a brand new world, it's sort of bringing me back to how I started writing in the first place.

DeVille Records is also going to be wrapping up this year with one final novella, Choosing Cassidy. If you've read Accidental Love, then you got to meet Cassidy in the bonus epilogue and her hero, Axel, in the main story. And you'll get to know them a lot better in Falling to Pieces before their story comes out!

I'm leaving my final book for 2023 up in the air and seeing what characters want to talk to me. I've really missed my Sealed With a Kiss characters lately, so I'll probably end up writing Abby and Nick's book and getting back into that world, because there are SO many more stories I have to tell with those characters. But it might turn out that Melissa and Liam in the Game of Love world want to talk first, and if they do, I'll let them. And whichever project I don't end up doing at the end of this year will become my first project for 2024!

*Please note that all novellas will go up to $2.99 upon release, and all full-length novels will go up to $5.99, with the exception of collaborations, which have the prices set by the organizers.
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