If what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Kyler Strong should be Wonder Woman by now.

Three weeks before her sixteenth birthday, Kyler was the victim of sexual assault by three varsity football players at her high school. She was intimidated into silence and slut-shamed at school afterwards, ensuring that anyone she told wouldn’t believe her. She resolved to keep her head down and suffer her way through high school, knowing that after she graduated, she would be free of her attackers, who continued to torment her daily.

Kyler’s plan worked great for two years. But that plan didn’t account for Ian Thomason, the football player who transferred in from out of town. When he asked her to tutor him in Spanish and Algebra, something made her say yes, even though all of her survival instincts were telling her to run. But are those instincts, the ones that have told her that all men are not to be trusted, always right? Or is Ian, the boy she never saw coming, exactly what she needs to help her heal from the wounds of her past?

Fans of the shows 13 Reasons Why and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit will love this tale of strength and survival.

Trigger warning: This book includes a scene where Kyler describes her sexual assault in detail and also deals with the trauma she suffers afterwards. Though it is set in high school, it deals with mature themes and is intended for mature audiences.

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