Trailer for What Doesn't Kill You

Three weeks before my sixteenth birthday, I was sexually assaulted by three of the most popular boys in school.
Within two days of my attack, people I thought were my friends were spreading baseless rumors about me. Maybe I should have told someone the truth, but who were they going to believe? Me, or the school’s star quarterback, whose father was made of money?
For two years, I kept my head down and my mouth shut. And then Ian happened. When the new running back from out of town asked me to tutor him, something made me say yes, even though all of my survival instincts were screaming at me to run.
But were my survival instincts always right? Or was Ian the person who would finally help me heal from the horrors of my past?
Within the first hour I spent conjugating Spanish verbs with Kyler, I knew that none of the rumors I’d heard about her were true. And when I saw how guarded she was, I could tell that she’d been hurt.
Finding out just how badly she’d been hurt broke me. Learning that it was at the hands of people I’d called friends? I wanted to bury those animals so deep that no amount of their families’ money would be able to dig them out.
Soon, we found ourselves playing a dangerous game that we didn’t know the rules to, and our opponents were holding all the cards.
How could I help Kyler get the justice she deserved? And how could I show her that I would never hurt her the way my teammates did?
Trigger Warning: This book deals with the topic of sexual assault of a minor, including the victim’s detailed description of the incident.
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