Trailer for Falling Angel
*This trailer contains the original cover, which has since been changed.


Contrary to popular belief, being an internationally acclaimed rock star wasn’t all glitz and glamour.

Time was not a luxury in my life when every second of every day was accounted for. I even had to watch my friends’ lives from afar. And everywhere I turned, people seemed to want things from me.

One more autograph.
One more interview.
One more tour date.

Now, I had a stalker who seemed to want something much more terrifying: me. All to themselves.


When I started my job as Daphne DeVille’s new head of security, I was expecting a nightmare. I mean, I already had an eight-year-old daughter at home. The last thing I needed was to be a babysitter for a spoiled brat who had fired half of her crew in the middle of a tour.

And then I met her, and she was the complete opposite of everything I expected: sweet, down-to-earth, and even a little shy. In an industry dominated by fake, she was refreshingly real.

Daphne was a job. Just another person I was supposed to protect. But, as I fought to keep her safe from a faceless terror, the line between personal and professional quickly started to blur.

How was I supposed to keep her at arm’s length when what I really wanted to do was just keep her in my arms?

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