Trailer for Zoe's Trilogy

At sixteen years old, I lost my first love, and it shook me to my core.

My parents thought taking me out of town for the summer would help me to move on, but I returned home the same way I left: a broken girl who was the last person to see her boyfriend alive.

The night before school started back up, I went to an open mic night and poured my heart and soul into a song I wrote for the boy who never made it home.

That night, I met Elijah, and we had an instant connection that I couldn’t ignore. For the first time in months, I felt alive again.
But the next day, Elijah walked into my drama class…as Mr. Larson, our new teacher.

How was I supposed to go back to the way things were when my whole life had been turned upside-down? And how was I supposed to stop myself from falling for the man who had brought me back to life?

Note: My Lips Are Sealed is the first book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and the first book of Zoe’s trilogy, which must be read in order.

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