Cupid's arrow doesn't always fly straight.

After breaking up with my girlfriend of almost three years, the last thing I wanted was to go out of town for an old friend’s wedding.

But then I met Maddie. Even from across the room, what stood out the most to me wasn’t her vibrant red hair or her piercing emerald eyes. It was the soul-deep pain I could see etched on her face. For some reason I couldn’t understand, I was drawn to it. To her.

The spark between us was instant, our chemistry was off the charts, and I fell hard and fast. And the more I helped the shy, fragile girl I’d first met grow into a strong, confident woman, the deeper my feelings for her grew.

But when my ex-girlfriend saw me moving on with Maddie, she decided that she was going to get me back…whether or not I liked it. Because if she couldn’t have me, no one could.

Note: My Pride Is Sealed is the eighth book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and while it may be read as a standalone, it contains major spoilers for Zoe and Elijah's story.

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