Trailer for My Pride Is Sealed

What happens when you realize you’re in love with your best friend?
When I figured out that the person who had been making Zoe’s life a living hell for months was trying to use me to hurt her…well, let’s just say I ended up doing more harm than good in my attempts to stop it.
But if you were hoping for a story about how Zoe and I’s friendship blossomed into a beautiful love despite what I did, you’ll be disappointed. No, I stood up at the altar with Zoe and watched while she promised forever to the man she’d loved since we were teenagers.
This is a story about how, when I was least expecting it, I met a woman who helped me embrace who I really was, and about how falling in love with Autumn helped me learn how to love myself.
The first time I met Maddie, I could see the pain lurking behind those gorgeous emerald eyes. And, for some reason I didn’t understand, I wanted to be the one to fix it.
Crazy, right? I was still healing from my own heartache, yet for some unknown reason, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to be the one to make Maddie’s pain go away.
The more Maddie opened herself up to me and I saw the shy, vulnerable, sad girl underneath, the more determined I was to make her see how beautiful she was, inside and out. And the more confident she became, the deeper my feelings for her grew.
But when my ex-girlfriend saw me moving on with my life, she suddenly realized what she’d lost and decided she was going to get it back. Whether or not I liked it.
Trigger Warning: This book deals with the subject of female-on-female sexual assault and mild inappropriate touching of a minor.
Note: This is the eighth book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and while it may be read as a standalone, it contains major spoilers for Zoe and Elijah’s books.
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