The day I watched Zoe drive away bound for New York was the worst day of my life. 

Worse than the day I found out that my best friend had killed himself. Worse than the day I found out my ex-girlfriend had been unfaithful. Even worse than the day I almost died.

The best day of my life? The day she agreed to marry me. And a very close second was a year later, when we drove a moving truck out of New York City so she could move back to Florida with me.

Everyone in St. Augustine was thrilled with Zoe’s decision to move back home. Everyone except for one person. One person whose sole goal seemed to be stopping our wedding from happening, by whatever means necessary.

Fighting for our relationship while she was in high school because we weren’t supposed to love each other was one thing. But how were we supposed to fight this time, when we didn’t know who we were fighting against and why they’d started this war in the first place?

Note: My Soul Is Sealed is the sixth book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and the second book of Elijah’s trilogy, which started with My Fate Is Sealed and must be read in order. This trilogy follows the events of Zoe’s trilogy, but from Elijah’s perspective.

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