Falling in love was easy. Following my heart seemed impossible.

When I left for college, I thought I was finally free from my father’s tyranny. I fell head over heels for the school’s star quarterback, Landon Jacobs, but when he got drafted by a team a thousand miles away, I was too scared to follow him.

Two years later, I was forced to move back home, and my father made it clear that the consequences would be brutal if I “defiled myself” with any of the players he coached.

I thought obeying him would be easy…until I walked right into Landon on the first day of training camp.

I knew I should keep my distance – for both our sakes. But how was I supposed to do that when Landon’s arms were the only place I’d ever truly felt safe?



Join fourteen of your favorite romance authors as we take to the field to celebrate one of the greatest games in the world. Whether they meet on the field, in the press box, or by literally running into each other, our heroes and heroines will find themselves calling an audible to guarantee they score their very own happy ending this September.

Each short and steamy story promises a happily ever after that guarantees you’ll be dreaming of touchdowns and championship rings in the end zone.
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