​​​​​​​CPR Designs is a new expansion of the services I offer to my fellow authors! I've been honing my Photoshop and graphic design skills lately. And, well, I've gotten pretty good at making covers, teasers, and social media graphics, and I've recently started playing with making logos too. So, I figured that rather than bog my editing page down with all the graphic design stuff I've started doing, I'd expand and start a new branch of the business specifically dedicated to design!

Special shout-out to Cat with TRC Designs for the concept for this logo! She designed my author logo and the original logo for CPR Editing a while ago (aren't they gorgeous?), and when I decided to expand, I loved the CPR Editing logo so much that I wanted to use the same idea for this logo. So, I contacted her and secured her permission to use the same concept and modify it, though I was the one who actually made this logo.

Take a look at all the design services I offer, browse through all the pre-made logos and covers I currently have up for sale, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

I do not and will never use AI or AI-generated images to do my design work.
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