Trailer for My Bonds Are Sealed

When I found out my mother had breast cancer right before I turned twenty-one, I thought life couldn’t get any worse.
And then a month after her double mastectomy, I got a call from my twin sister, Zoe, in the middle of the night. Telling me that she’d been assaulted a thousand miles away in New York City.
As I watched Zoe struggle with the aftermath of her attack, I couldn’t stop wondering if I might know a way to help her heal: bringing the man she’d left behind—the man who was still madly in love with her—back into her life.
But how was I supposed to do that when I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, especially him, what had happened to her?
Getting a call from my partner’s stepdaughter in the middle of the night begging me to pick her up from her boyfriend’s apartment scared the hell out of me.
Finding out she’d called me because his sorry ass refused to take her home so she could pack a bag and get to the airport to go help her sister through a crisis? That just pissed me off.
River had so much weight on her shoulders. The weight of her mother’s illness, the weight of Zoe’s crisis—whatever it was—and the weight of putting in all the effort with her waste of space boyfriend. And the more I tried to carry some of the weight for her, the more the feelings I’d had for her since the day we met grew.
Would River ever realize that she deserved so much better than a man who was never there for her, or was I doomed to love a woman who would never love me back?
Trigger Warning: This book discusses the issues of sexual assault and abortion.
Note: This is the fifth book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and while it may be read as a standalone, it does contain some spoilers for Zoe and Elijah’s story.
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