My wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. 

And it was…until it wasn’t. Until Zoe got a message from the stalker we thought had disappeared and we spent our entire honeymoon trapped on a cruise ship with the monster who was making our lives a living hell.

When Zoe and I found out we were about to be parents six weeks later, something that should have been joyful brought abject terror as I tried to figure out how to keep my wife and unborn child safe from a lunatic whose actions kept escalating.

Zoe’s stalker played on both of our deepest fears, unearthing memories long buried and shining light on truths that shook us to the core. And when they finally made the mistake that revealed their identity, it changed everything I thought I knew about my past.

Stopping this person was supposed to end it. But no one told me about the aftermath. Would I survive the weight of the knowledge that had been forced on me, or would it crumble the foundation my life was built on and rob me of the only thing I still knew was real?

Note: My Dreams Are Sealed is the seventh book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and the final book in Elijah’s trilogy, which started with My Fate Is Sealed and My Soul Is Sealed. This trilogy follows the events of Zoe’s trilogy, but from Elijah’s perspective.

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