When my best friend committed suicide in our senior year of high school, I moved two states away, trying to escape the grief. 

Less than two years later, I found out that my girlfriend had cheated on me and was about to have another man’s child.

I spent the next three years retreating into a shell of my former self, keeping everyone at arm’s length. If all I got out of letting people in was pain, what was the point?

But that all changed the night I met Zoe.

When I heard her sing, her voice captivated me. When I talked to her, I felt an immediate connection. When I kissed her, she brought me back to life.

And then she walked into my classroom the next day…as one of my high school students.

Could I really pretend the chemistry between Zoe and I didn’t exist? Or was I willing to risk everything to be with the girl who had reminded me that life was worth living?

Note: My Fate Is Sealed is the fourth book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and the first book of Elijah’s trilogy. This trilogy follows the events of Zoe’s trilogy, but from Elijah’s perspective.

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