Trailer for Zoe's Trilogy

My wedding day was supposed to be a day full of love and joy. But I was robbed of that when I got a threat from a stalker I was hoping was gone.
Determined not to let fear dictate our lives, Elijah and I left for our honeymoon as planned…only to find that we were trapped on a cruise ship with a lunatic who spent the week turning our dream into a nightmare.
We did make it home in one piece, but not without scars from the trauma we’d endured at sea. The kind of scars that would never really heal.
The unexpected news that we were about to be parents strengthened our resolve to find and stop this person. We needed to be able to raise our child without constantly looking over our shoulders.
As my stalker got more desperate, they started uncovering secrets about both me and Elijah, some of which made us question everything we thought we knew. And when they finally made a mistake that revealed their identity, it left us with more questions than answers.
What did this person want? Why were they so determined to watch me crash and burn? And, most importantly, how were we supposed to stop them before it was too late?
Trigger Warning: The topics of sexual assault, abortion, and mental health are discussed in this book.
Note: My Future Is Sealed is the third book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, and the final book of Zoe’s trilogy, which started with My Lips Are Sealed and My Heart Is Sealed and must be read in order.
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