Blood tried to silence her...but her real family gave her a voice.

Ten seconds. Thirteen words.

That was all it took to reveal the skeleton in my closet. A dark truth that would doom me to a lifetime of misery: I was hopelessly in love with my stepsister.

When my mother and stepfather sent me packing the moment I turned eighteen, I should have taken the hint and backed away. But Sadie was fighting a battle that couldn’t be won alone. A battle against her father, the doctors trying to treat her epilepsy, and most of all, her own body. And I loved her too much to abandon her when she needed me the most.

Could I be what Sadie needed without giving in to my feelings, or would the pull between us end up being too strong to resist?

Note: My Voice Is Sealed is the ninth book in the Sealed With a Kiss series, but it may be read as a standalone and has very little crossover with the rest of the series.

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