Ten seconds. Thirteen words.
That was all it took to reveal the skeleton in my closet. A dark truth that would doom me to a lifetime of misery: I was hopelessly in love with my stepsister.
When my mother and stepfather sent me packing the moment I turned eighteen, I should have taken the hint and backed away. But Sadie was fighting a battle that couldn’t be won alone. A battle against her father, the doctors trying to treat her, and most of all, her own body. And I loved her too much to abandon her when she needed me the most.
Could I be what Sadie needed without giving in to my feelings, or would the pull between us end up being too strong to resist?
Good girls keep their mouths shut and let Dad handle everything.
I’d had those words drilled into my head for my whole life as my father dragged me to doctor after doctor for endless tests and procedures, trying to find a cure for my epilepsy that didn’t exist.
Only one person ever gave me hope that I could have a better life. The man I’d loved for as long as I could remember: my stepbrother, Keith. And when I finally found the courage to let him help me, the house of cards my father had so carefully constructed came crashing down around us, revealing almost everything I’d ever known to be a lie.
How could I find my voice and finally speak the truth when I’d been silenced for so long?
Trigger Warning: This book deals with the subjects of physical and psychological manipulation and abuse and suicidal ideation.
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