Editing services come with one copy editing/proofreading pass. However, if all you require is proofreading, with no content or copy editing, I will proofread your manuscript for $10 per 10k words, rounded UP to the nearest 10k. For proofreading only, please allow up to one week from booking date.
If you wish to book me for only proofreading, please provide me with the name of your editor and a link to either their website or Facebook page in your email. If you have not had your book professionally edited first, you will be charged for a single pass copy edit at $15 per 10k words.
Formatting may be added for an additional $30 for simple formatting or $60 for custom formatting (includes ebook, paperback, and bonus matter).
Note: I am from the U.S. and proofread based on U.S. English unless you specify U.K. English when you book with me. Prices are in U.S. dollars.
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