I offer editing, proofreading, and interior formatting services for affordable prices. All payment transactions are done through PayPal for security and protection for both parties, and I will happily work with you to set up a payment plan that won't break the bank. Click below for pricing on all services.

NOTE: My editing and proofreading calendar fills up fast, so it is highly recommended to contact me as far in advance as possible to ensure the greatest likelihood of getting a slot. I will only book for the current calendar year up until September, due to chronic health conditions not making it feasible to plan further in the future than that.

Due to personal triggers, I will not edit or proofread any novels that contain dubious consent or non-consent sex scenes or any stalker romances. I'm perfectly fine with rape, sexual assault, and stalking being portrayed in a negative manner. It's only triggering for me when it happens between the love interests and is supposed to be erotic in nature.

I do not and will never use AI or any automated software to do my editing work. Every single word of your manuscript will be personally read and edited by me.
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